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Poppy Field

Podcast Show Notes

Turn skimmers into listeners with engaging show notes.

I'll provide a short summary, shareable quotes, bullet points, and call(s)-to-action for your podcast episodes.

Get a bundle of 4 SEO-friendly show notes. 
Starting from $300

Blog Posts

Want to make the most of your podcast content? Repurpose your episodes into SEO-friendly blog posts.

You do the talking, I'll do the writing. 
(And keyword research, image sourcing, editing, and website publishing).


Offload 1 blog post next month.
Starting from $350

Dandelion Fields

Customized Packages

Connect with more leads. Get a writer in your corner to help you build relationships across your channels. 

Sample monthly package:  

  • 4 show notes 

  • 4 blog posts 

  • 1 ad hoc project (like sales page optimization, website edit, updating email sequences)  

Starting from $1250