2 Easy Ways to Build Relationships on Instagram

If the idea of networking and growing your community makes you cringe, this post is for you.

“It’s all about relationships.”

“It’s about engaging with your community.”

You’ll hear successful online business owners say this time and time again. But what does that mean in practice?

What does growing a community look like?

How do you go about building your network, if the word “network” alone sends you into anxiety and dread?

When you break it down, your network is a whole bunch of one-on-one relationships put together. So is your community. One-on-one relationships. That's not so scary, right? One relationship at a time.

So take the pressure off of yourself a bit. Think of networking as focusing on one friend or one acquaintance.

2 Low-Pressure Ways to Build Relationships on Instagram:

#1 Connect whenever something resonates with you.

When someone shares something that resonates with you—a post that makes you laugh, a story that makes you clap—let that person know.

  • Quick Reactions (Use Emojis).

Do you see an Instagram story that hits home? Send a 😍 or 👏 in response. With Instagram’s “Quick Reactions” feature, this will take you no more than two seconds. Tap the message box and click the emoji you want to use. That’s it!

What’s great about this method is you’re slowly introducing yourself in a way that doesn’t feel too forced (and it lets you work up the courage to connect later!).

  • · Direct Messages.

Make DMs a natural part of your routine on Instagram. Whether it’s in response to a post or story, send a quick message through DMs. Ask a follow up question. Tell her why you agree with her. Add to the conversation.

  • · Comments

See a post you love? Comment why you love it.

Or answer any questions that were asked in the post.

This is how we support each other. Meaningful connections with your community come from actual engagement. Not a whole bunch of “likes.”

2. Show compassion for your community.

Your followers and the people you follow are a part of your community. Reach out because you truly care about the people in your community.

If your intention is to sell and "be the hero" to your audience, they're going to smell your intentions from a mile away.

Avoid these common DM pitfalls:

  • "Hey Girl! What's your biggest problem in business?"

  • "Hey! How long have you been an entrepreneur?”

  • “Hi! Love your page! I am so excited about my new offer, [course name], and think you’d be a great fit!”

Do those make you feel yucky?

You know right away when someone is trying to sell something to you, rather than taking the time to get to know you. And it doesn't feel great.

A simple "How are you?" goes a long way.

Approach every interaction with compassion—a place of truly caring for others.

That’s how you’re going to make sure your business is around for the long-haul.

Business really is all about the relationships.