Ready to ease into the last quarter? 

Take 3 blog posts off your plate.

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 You have enough going on, don't you?

You started your business to spend more time doing what you love—enjoying the outdoors, spending time with loved ones, and maybe even taking Fridays off. Instead, it feels like there's never quite enough time in the day to record your podcast, connect with clients, network, or plan content (let alone write). 


With everything else going on in your business and life, you'd give almost anything to lighten your workload. You know something's gotta give. 

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"Karonica gets the job done. 
I trust Karonica's writing technique and work ethics 
more than anyone else."

—Julie Kim, Julie Kim Consulting 


Let's make the last few months of 2021 easier

It's time to focus on the things you ACTUALLY enjoy doing. Get 3 posts for the last quarter so you can ease into the end of the year.

Starting from $1,000 for three 1,000-1,200 word posts 



Tell me you're interested in a blog bundle and ask any questions you may have.


You'll let me know what you’re looking for in your   posts (in a voice memo, video, or content brief). 


You'll get 3 done-for-you SEO blog posts that you’ll wish you’d contracted out sooner.


Thank you for your message! I'll be in touch soon.