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copywriter + strategist. 

I've been told empathy is my superpower.


Hi! I'm Karonica. (Like Veronica with a K). 

Human-first writer. User experience advocate. Aspiring gardener.

I write copy that is accessible, relatable, and actionable.


Let's share easy-to-digest content to grow your revenue and create lasting relationships (three cheers for referrals and retention 🎉). 

I write like you talk.

What does that mean? Well, I once had a client say: "It sounds so much like me—my mom thought I wrote it." So there's that... 😍

I'm all about uncovering your brand voice to create connections with your audience, whether it's through your email welcome series or a thoughtful landing page.




copy audit

for 1:1 service providers

Emails not getting opened? Sales page not converting? Get my strategic eyes on your copy. I step into your shoes to make sure your words align with your brand + business goals. Then hop into your audience’s shoes to simplify and humanize your copy. Win-win. 


stewardship and fundraising strategy

for small shop nonprofits. 

Put your stewardship on autopilot with donor communications, email sequences, and smart tech automation. Strategy by Rachel Bearbower, writing by yours truly. 🙋🏻‍♀️

in collaboration with



email nurture sequences 

for change-making service providers

Treat your email subscribers like real people. You fill out a questionnaire, we provide the strategy, copy, and automations.

in collaboration with

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This updated copy is all fantastic! I think you nailed it. Thanks so much for all your work on this :) 


Brand Strategist

Nailed it.

Thoughtful approach.

I just want to say I deeply appreciate the thought and care you put into the client journey.  


Founder + Speaker

Love it.

I LOVE IT! Thank you for taking my ramblings and making them sound so good!



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