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Marketing that Matters 

Content Strategy & Copywriting for Sustainable and Social Impact Brands

Empathy-First Copywriting

I write, evaluate, and refine copy through the eyes of your reader so 

your message leaves an impact. Using 10+ years of customer service experience,

I place myself in the customer’s shoes to see content from her perspective.


Empathy-first copywriting means more sales and higher customer retention for your business.

Building a community of loyal advocates

for your business and your cause.

For entrepreneurs on a mission,

I help your brand  inspire action  

and  increase sales  with

intentional copy

Hi! I'm Karonica. (Like Veronica with a K). 
My middle name is Paige, and I like to think that's because my parents knew I'd be a writer and a pun enthusiast one day.
I bring my background in college admissions and over 10 years of customer service experience to communicate your message in a way that resonates with your readers.  
Like that barista who remembers your name, I create a warm and welcoming digital environment with copy that helps your customers feel at home. 

Get branded copy that guides your customers throughout their journey with you.

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